About Us

Our Story

After trying a variety of ginger beer products found in grocery stores and other cold pressed ginger juices on the market, we could not find anything that came close to ginger beer as we know it.

Our family immigrated from Suriname to the USA more than 30 years ago and besides great memories, we also brought some traditional beverage recipes with us that we wish to share with the world. We wanted to introduce our ginger beverages because there are none like them. Perfecting the family recipes while trying to stay true to the fresh and original ginger beer flavors we know became a big priority. Several tests later, here we are, ready to offer the original Ginger beer and Pineapple Ginger beer!

The company was founded in 2022 by Quinn and his wife Marsha, who often made ginger beverages for birthday parties. Known in Suriname as “Gember bier” (ginger beer), an absolute party favorite, these beverages contain no alcohol despite having “beer” in the name.

Quinn came to the US to attend Georgia Tech and graduated with an Industrial Engineering degree. He also has a background in Logistics and Supply Chain, but the desire to bring his family recipes to the world and put Suriname on the “map” kept nagging.

It is our goal to produce earth’s most authentic and best tasting Caribbean juices that will create a party in your mouth and make you want to visit Suriname.

Where is Suriname?